Wednesday, March 21, 2012

UPDATE: Microsoft Kinect + Tegra 2 + Android 4.0 (Ice Cream)

Looks like NVIDIA is keeping up with the Android's rapid updates!

Here is a quick update on the what are the new changes we have made to allow Kinect to run on the Android 4.0 platform (Ice Cream)!

First, download the latest Tegra Android Developer Pack 1.0r5 and the latest Android 4.0 OS image from

Then, proceed with the onscreen instructions and run Eclipse by default and the workspace will be created automatically.

cd /Users/ray_dev/NVPACK/TDK_Samples/Android_NVIDIA_samples_2_public_RC2/apps

replace /Users/ray_dev with your own path. Then, we replace the multitouch project with our own. (IMPORTANT: you must do this or it may conflict). Sorry for such confusion, I've spent lots of time recreating a new project with a different name but it just get me fustrated with all kinda random errors :(.

mv multitouch multitouch_old

In the same directory, we checkout the latest source from the repository or the snapshot image. 

svn co multitouch (recommended)

Now, we open the Eclipse and refresh the project.

If you are lucky, everything should just work! Please make sure you do 

adb shell
chmod -R 777 /dev/bus/usb/002 

to fix the permission problem as usual (See Tutorial # 1).

Somehow the math functions tanf, powf, etc is not working with the latest compiler and giving me Fatal Signal 4 (SIGILL)? Basically, I fixed it by replacing them with tan and pow.

Demo Video: