Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wearing a "Digital Eye Glass" in Toronto. What are the responses?

Many may have already heard about my supervisor Prof. Mann was "Physical assault by McDonald's for wearing Digital Eye Glass" in  France.

Here we take our wearable computers to the street and see what others would think in Toronto. A simple experiment but obviously people are rather friendly and very interested in our work.

Click on the image to see our HDR Video footage.

Here is our head mount display and HDR camera and EyeTap prototype.

Here are some snapshots from the HDR EyeTap system. Multiple exposures were combined to created HDR images in real-time, and we can see in a dynamic range that is better than human eye in extreme conditions. 

Here are some examples of the 4up display mode. 

Looking right into the sun. 

Buying from Starbucks. He was very friendly.

Just caught the moment of kissing.

If you are interested in building your own EyeTap, feel free to contact us and keep the Cyborg Community growing.