Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tegra 3 OpenNIRecorder for Android

Here we go! The OpenNIRecorder is now ready. We have a very simple GUI for you to enable or disable the rendering / visualization and to record the RGB / depth data to your SD card. To get the best performance, you may want to turn off the rendering for both rgb and depth. Also, you shall get a very fast SD card to reduce the I/O latency! It can be very very slow if the SD card is blocking!

Also, there are a few significant changes to the path and other variables. Please make you you check out the source to:

cd ~/NVPACK/TDK_Samples/tegra_android_native_samples_v10p00/sample_apps
svn co OpenNIRecorder

Lastly, I have received several emails from students who are interested in this work. Again, thank you for your interest in our work. But please read through my entire blog (i.e., from the very beginning) and try to understand the basic about the Android NDK etc... It is very unlikely that I can give you a full tutorial over an email. Download the source code, read it through, and if you run into problems or you have some design issues? Then feel free to drop me a line here and there. If you ask me to help you setting up everything from scratch? Here you go :)! read the blogs :)


  1. Hi, can you tell us what 12v battery you are using, did you find something easy to use with built in power management? I am debating what to do, maybe improvise with a 12v electric drill battery.

  2. any 12V battery will work. Check ebay for a lithium battery for about $20. :)