Monday, December 3, 2012

Amazing 20 fps on Odroid-U2

The Odroid-U2 (2Ghz!) rocks =) Thanks hardkernel for making this demo video of the real-time blob tracking + 3D rendering apps with OpenNI cameras. I'll be updating the tracker to perform as good as OpenNI hand tracker next. Still have a few bugs to address.

The source is actual opened to public! Feel free to commit or make changes to the code as you wish.

The compilation may takes a long while to setup (see my previous blogs and README), but you can always download the apk and the openni driver to your own Android devices, and try it out.


Joy! and Thanks HardKernel for reserving the Odroid-U2! =) Donation is the only way to keep this project going.


  1. Great job man! Looking good! :-)

    How far are you away from making this into working software on Android? E.g. navigating through the menus using this as input method? :-)

  2. You are welcome. I was lucky enough to get some new hardware from

    As long as the algorithm is stable, then I will push that to the system side, and control the mouse next.

  3. The svn repository seems not working? I tried to check it out but got a 'url does not exist' error.

  4. ... PCL have moved it. I will update it later on.

  5. Could you please update? Thanks a lot.

  6. Hi Raymond, I want to try openni opencv pcl in my samsung phone, would like to get your update of repository

  7. Hi Raymond, great job!
    The svn repository seems still not working.. Did you move it somewhere else?